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Pastor's Pen - May 28, 2017
by Pastor Bruce Martin
I am very pleased that you have joined us here at the Community of Believers known as Calvary Temple, on this the final Sunday of May. Today we are blessed to have Jon Buller with us, leading us in our Praise and Worship this morning. John, who is a long time friend and mentor of Pastor Richard's, has returned to Winnipeg, pouring into our Worship and Arts people at their annual Worship Advance, including, being a part of One Worship last evening.

On this the Sunday when we specifically commemorate our Lord and Saviour's suffering and death around the communion table, I would like to take the time to furnish some Biblical answers to often asked questions concerning communion.

There are self-explanatory "Pray for the Police" info sheets in your program today. This is our week to participate in the City-Wide prayer covering for the Winnipeg Police Service, which happens weekly through the cooperation of 52 different churches throughout the year. Please make our contribution this week, as a church family, strong and effective, through broad participation. Be sure to take the sheet home today and pray through it this week as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Please note in today's program, the ongoing opportunities to visit us out at camp coming up in the near future. Men, specifically take note of the retreat happening on June 9th-11th and families plan to join us on September 1st - 4th. Also, on June 17th, a fun day for everyone out on the shores of Red Rock Lake, buses will be leaving the church at 9:00 a.m. and returning by 5:30 pm. Last year, of the 400 in attendance, we were privileged to have well over 100 people who had never been to our camp before. Don't miss out, this is your opportunity to visit Calvary Temple Camp and see our new HH Barber Retreat Centre, first hand.

Join us tonight in the Buntain Chapel at 6:00 p.m. to hear Shoaib Ebadi, Executive Director of Square One World Media.

Bruce and Miriam