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Pastor's Pen - July 9, 2017
by Pastor Bruce Martin
I am so pleased that we are able to continue all summer long with our three service format, giving maximum choice for all summer attendees. Of course, our amazing volunteers have a large part to play in making this possible. I am so pleased to be home from vacation, sharing once again in our sermon series "Keys to Life". Today's message is entitled, "Doing Family." I will be concluding this series next Sunday.

Yesterday, 60 Intermediate girls returned home from an amazing week of camp. Today, once again, our amazing bus drivers will head out with 60 Senior girls. Friends, your support of our camp in any number of ways is greatly appreciated. Remember, there is still availability in all of the upcoming weeks of camp throughout the summer.
Tonight, Lynda Randle, a frequent Gaither Home Coming Guest will be our special guest at 6:00 p.m. here in the sanctuary. I would be so encouraged to see you tonight and please bring someone.

Jason Daase continues Monday through Saturday, with his performances of "The Red Letters", a one person presentation of the Sermon on the Mount at this year's Fringe Festival. For times and tickets please see It is Jason's desire that fellow believers from all over Winnipeg bring seeking friends to this presentation of God's Word.

Please take note of the display ad in today's program regarding Canada On Track. Fellow intercessor believers from across Canada will be converging on Winnipeg from August 4-6th. As a church family we are privileged to be hosting the public services associated with this weekend at 7:00 p.m. all three nights (Please note time change for Sunday night.) It is my hope that many people from Calvary Temple will include themselves in this concerted prayer effort for our city, province and country.

Thanks for being here today, I look forward to seeing you next week.

In His service, Pastor Bruce Martin