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Traditional & Contemporary

IN-person services

Registration Open Thursdays-Sundays

Below are a few items, we'd like you to be aware of when registering and attending our in-person services:

  • Masks are mandated when entering any public indoor space

  • Doors open 30min prior to service, please arrive early to check in

  • Please present your email confirmation QR code for quick entry

  • Parents with children in kids ministry, please check in at the appropriate entrance before attending service.

  • The main floor and balcony seating are both accessible. Please select your preference when registering.

  • While seating yourself ensure a minimum of 2m (6ft) between yourself and other groups. 

  • High-touch points have been removed, like hymnals and offering envelopes. Giving stations will be available on your way out.  

  • Congregational singing is discouraged. However, please feel free to hum along with the worship team. 

  • Attendance is discouraged for people at higher risk of experiencing severe illness. This includes people who are immunosuppressed, living with a chronic health condition, likely to develop more serious illness, or are 60 years of age and older. We encourage you to participate in online church at 10:10 a.m. 

    Use the map below to know which entrance to use on Sunday:


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