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In this time of isolation we want to have a place where people can share their stories of what God has been doing in their lives.  To participate, please fill in the form below.

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Testimony Time

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Zonia - As Covid-19 hit us very hard and changed our lives, I can’t be more aware of God’s faithfulness than right now.  Many of us have taken for granted our jobs, health, family, friends and a simple hug.  Fear of the unknown overwhelmed many but I couldn’t allow myself to be fearful because the minute I allowed fear to come into my heart, I would lose sight on the One that has my future in His hands.  In October 2020 my son and I got Covid.  It hit me very hard and for a moment I thought of going to the hospital but I decided to trust in the Lord and leave it up to Him.  While lots of people have lost their battle against Covid, we overcame it and once again God’s faithfulness was present.  On the other hand, while many have lost their jobs, I was blessed to keep mine.  Which for me is a huge blessing!  The oil and flour (as the widow in the Bible), never runs out in my house despite having a lower income than before, in fact, I was still able to bless others that needed it more than me.  I praise God for His protection, faithfulness and provision.

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Cher - It has been quite a year of pivoting in the pandemic. I marvel at God’s faithfulness and provision. One of my favourite memories from this last year is my family getting Covid and receiving such love and care from our Church Family. My kids were so blessed when Pastor Marlowe, Carol and Cassidy dropped off supper, treats and activities to get us through the 2 week isolation. So many people reached out with phone calls, texts and treats. It was amazing to receive such love from everyone. The Holy Spirit has been our source of strength. We continue to choose the joy of the Lord to be our strength!! Praise the Lord!!

Pat - I have lived with serious chronic health conditions for many many years. I existed and always strove to do my best. Although raised with religion a part of the house, as I matured I drifted away. I was drawn to Calvary Temple and finally gave in and went. I've never looked back and know this is where I belong. A few years back my health took a bad turn and I had a lot of problems. I was in an Urgent Care on a New Years Eve. I remember I just could not do this any more. I remember I threw my arms in the air and cried "Lord, that's it, I'm done". Four days later at home I was listening to christian music on TV. The song 'Survivor' came on. Something made me walk to look out my balcony door. I was singing along with the song and there in front of me was the most brilliant glowing white. It took my breath away for a moment and I froze. It was then that the vision of the Lord appeared, holding out His arms. I know He entered my heart, believe me, it's a sensation I can't find words for ever. I realize that through my health struggles, that day in the hospital when I surrendered was all He needed to hear and see. I haven't viewed my health the same ever sense, I treasure it more. I also know that during the pandemic I never ever could have stayed strong and grounded like I can now. I never could have hung onto faith like I can now. He is a life changing miracle for me.

Shanti - In 2019, I was struggling with my mental health and I had to go into foster care and I was admitted to a long term treatment home where I was locked in almost 24/7. I had a strong belief in God before that admission, until I attempted to take my own life and ended up on the operating room table in critical condition. I remember going to sleep for the surgery and praying that I didn't wake up, but I did and I took it as a sign that heaven wasn't ready for me yet. When I returned to my treatment home, my room was empty. They took everything including my Bibles. Shortly after, I was informed I was no longer allowed to go to church as I was high risk to myself and none of my staff were willing to come to church with me. After this, I started growing further away from God and eventually completely forgot about Him. A year later, I was finally discharged from treatment and I went into an independent living program. At this point, my mental health was worse then it was when I went in. September 2020, I had my second suicide attempt. I was once again on the operating room table, I was willing to give up. When I woke up, I wasn't in pain and I was able to get up immediately after I woke up. I felt God's presence for the first time in over a year. By the time I was able to go to church, COVID-19 shut down all churches and I once again lost touch with God. Come July 2021, I was on an app called Tiktok. I was scrolling through my videos and I scrolled onto a video and in the background, "Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)" was playing. I remembered the song from the Sunday services and Impact youth. At that moment, I prayed that God would accept me again, it was like a weight was lifted from me. On August 2nd, my 7 year old sister asked for a Bible. My parents and I have never talked about Church, God or Heaven around her, The only person is my grandma who we haven't seen in months. She is now wanting to participate in church services and I feel like God has sent her to help me with my faith. Over the past few years, I feel like God was sending me signs that he was there but I kept ignoring it. Now, I have been found and I am ready to devote my life to God again!

Elma & Martin - Praise the Lord is where we start! God’s mercies are new every morning and His grace is sufficient for me! Hallelujah! In winter we felt the time was right for us to sell our home of almost 53 years. At one point we were discouraged about not finding a place before we’d sell. It seemed what we liked we couldn’t afford and what we could afford we didn’t like whether it was condos or apartments. We just said discouragement isn’t from God and we rebuked Satan and we prayed. We said we would trust God. Right the next morning, we believe God led us to a wonderful life lease which had been available since January. We listed our home and again our prayers were answered when a fine young Christian man bought our home. We had been downsizing since November and that was a very good thing since both Martin and I tested positive for Covid on May 27! Our moving date was June 17. Not what we expected in the middle of moving! I had a mild case but Martin got worse every day. I called the doctor and Martin was admitted to hospital. I didn’t see him for the next 27 days! These days were not easy but God is always good! Friends & family were there with helping hands and prayer warriors prayed! Thank you church! Long story short everyone’s prayers kept Martin from ICU since when the doctor called me they were preparing a bed in ICU at St. Boniface and intubation with a ventilator were on the menu! That was hard to hear!! But God… Yes I moved by myself with the generosity of helping hands! God gave me strength for each day! I locked up our home by myself! The new owner allowed us to leave the workshop until such a time as Martin would be able! His parents came and they even prayed with me! Isn’t God good? 27 days later Martin was discharged from the hospital without oxygen as they first had anticipated! PTL He is looking very good although tires quite readily and gets rather short of breath but God has healed and we pray God’s will but we are trusting for a full recovery! With God all things are possible and we know prayer changes things! Hallelujah! He giveth and giveth and giveth again !!

Judy - The pandemic has been hard for me, as for many others. I have had some problems that have become worse during covid. There is always something to be thankful for though.  I am thankful that we could have services online and that I could keep in touch by phone. I am thankful that Irene, Carol, Freida and I met for walks. We got our exercise and encouraged each other. I am thankful when I go for walks, a regular occurrence, that I live in a free country and nobody is shooting at me. I am thankful for the many parks we have. I am thankful when I can see my friends. I am thankful to see kids playing, again in safety. I am thankful that on my walks people greet each other. I am not a pollyanna and I have complained and groaned about restrictions, etc. but we need to think of the blessings we have.

Vijay Kumar - I came here to Winnipeg full of uncertainty about my life; no permanent job or place.  In midst of all this I just relied on Almighty.  Now I am married and have a good permanent job with a proper place to live. I am waiting for an opportunity to meet in-person in the church.  Thank you Lord for everything that I am today!! With you everything is possible and nothing is impossible. When fear knocks at the door, send FAITH to answer that fear!! Amen!

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