(CSB) Christian Service Brigade


Christian Service Brigade #590
 (CSB), is a program designed to win and train boys for Christ and to help them develop mentally, socially and spiritually.  Our aim is to meet the needs of boys in the fast-changing stages of their development, from ages 6-18, so that each boy may find his place of service in the church and in the community.

The program is divided into three separate groups with individual achievement units.  These are:

* Tree Climbers (ages 6-7)

* Stockade (ages 8-11)

* Battalion (ages 12-18)

In Three Climbers, young boys spend quality time with their dads and other adult Christian men.  Together, men and kids have fun, learn about God's creation and grow closer to God and to each other.

Games, crafts and adventures are centered around a weekly theme where father and son memorize a Bible verse.  Young boys flourish witht he one-on-one time with godly men.  An exciting night for boys and dads!

Stockade is a weekly opportunity for grade school guys to spend time with other guys their age.  Adult Christian men serve as their role models and demonstrate Christian manhood in action and attitude.

Through physical and mental activities, fun, service, achievement, Bible memory and Bible stories, boys develop the foundations of Godly character and leadership skills.  Stockade groups also participate in additional outings, camporees, service projects and shape-n-race car derby competitions.

Other activities include floor hockey, ping pong, air hockey, canoe trips, tournaments and many other challenging and enjoyable activities.

In CSB's hallmark program, Battalion, adult Christian men disciple teenage boys.  Young men grow through physically and mentally challenging activities, Bible studies, service projects and personal hands-on leadership excercises.  Weekly meetings include action time, game time, achievement challenges, squad meetings and council ring.

Additional adventure outings and competitions allow young men to gain practial life skills, learn co-operation, develop teamwork and become leaders of tomorrow.


Clubs' Fees
Note: these fees are for the entire one-year program (from September to May).  Each year these fess have to be paid.

Just for Boys Ages 6-18 (Brigades) Requirements

Tree Climbers (ages 6-7):

  • Registration fee $25   (Note: the boys must bring a male adult/guardian along to enroll in this program)
  • Boy's T-shirt $14 (optional)
  • Dad's T-shirt $16 (optional)
  • Activity Packet $12

Stockade (ages 8-11):

  • Registration fee $25
  • Shirt $30 (optional)
  • Trail Book $12

Battalion (ages 12-18):

  • Registration fee $25
  • Shirt $35 (optional)
  • Trail Book $20

If you know of a teen or a boy who would benefit from joining with us, we would love to hear from you.  Call the church office for details or with your questions.

We meet Wednesdays evening at 7:00 pm from September to May in the A.H. Argue Building.