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Image by Jude Beck


Family Life ministry at Calvary Temple is all about helping families live out their divine calling to be a place of safety, nurture, growth and outreach.  


We place a high value on connecting families within the church and fostering friendship and a sense of belonging in the families of Calvary Temple who are busy raising the next generations.  Our aim is to strengthen each family and, in turn, bring strength to the entire church family. We sponsor a number of social events throughout the year which are high-lighted by a weekend get-away at our camp each fall. Families are encouraged to participate in as many opportunities as possible. In addition to the social emphasis, we are working to build strength into individual homes and marriages through our marriage enrichment and family building teaching series.

From pre-marriage preparation to marriage courses, from baby dedication to parenting courses and more, we are here to assist your family to become all that you and God desire it to be.

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