We Go Into The World!

We believe in reaching beyond ourselves, beyond our borders and our culture, beyond the familiar.  Calvary Temple is taking the good news to many parts of the world in many ways…

One way is by supporting long-term missionaries who are involved in sharing the gospel in many countries around the world.  We refer to these programs as our "Shared Funding Partners".

But Calvary Temple also supports missions projects that grow from the vision of people in the church.  This could be a short-term missions trip, or could be evangelistic outreach by evangelists who are associated with Calvary Temple.  We refer to these programs as "Family Business"

…and we want you to meet some of our Partners!   The first section lists our Shared Funding Partners.  The lower section describes some of our current Family Business projects.



 Stephen & Heather Chaloner, AFRICA REGIONAL DIRECTOR

ChalonersProfile...Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Stephen leads PAOC's team of over 90 global workers deployed in Africa in the areas of evangelism, church planting, leadership development, education, health, community development and emergency relief.  His mandate is to facilitate the healthy development of PAOC initiatives in Africa and it's network of African churches known as the Pentecostal Assemblies of Africa.  You can contact him directly via email at; schaloner@paoc.org

Pray...for Godly wisdom and discernment; for health and safety; that God will strengthen and encourage ministries and churches affiliated with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Africa and beyond.


For the latest information please follow this link paocafrica.spaces.live.com 


John & Ruth Kerr, ZAMBIA

The Kerrs serve at the Trans-Africa Theological College in Kitwe, Zambia where John is the Principal and Ruth has a hand in everything from music to missions. They work with approximately 80 mature and motivated students; most of them have already planted a church. John is also working with a team to organize lay leadership across Zambia. Ruth is involved in AIDS Awareness training and takes this urgent message into teacher training institutions and churches. Currently, they are developing a national committee to raise awareness in all the churches.


Click to see their webasite: www.zambiakerrs.typepad.com


Pray...that graduates would continue to evangelize the nation, disciple new believers and reach out to the greater southern Africa region.



Darrell & Sharon Desrosiers - ROMANIA

Profile... Darrell and Sharon have been in ministry for 20 years in Canada and Overseas.

As a family we are excited to be used by God in the country of Romania. The areas we will be ministering in include at this time encouraging the local church and helping strengthen the work that has already been done.
We hope to provide leadership development, networking with the national church and most all lifting heavy hands and hearts of those working tirelessly to bring healing and help to a desperately needy country.

Check out their ministry at www.matthew2819.ca


 Gary & Marina Cymbaluk - PAC - KENYA


Profile... Gary and Marina train Africans to reach Africans. Gary teaches graduate and undergraduate courses inCymbaluk leadership and theology at Pan Africa Christian University (PAC). He is also involved in off-site leadership development across Kenya and East Africa. Marina disciples young women at PAC, in the local community and at their church.

Many of the challenges that Africa faces are directly related to poor leadership. At the same time, there is much potential and capacity on the continent. As the mission field quickly becomes the mission force, training and equipping of leaders is key. Gary and Marina’s vision is to mobilize a new generation of godly, servant-leaders who will be instrumental in the transformation of society.

Praise God for the multitude of ways that he has been faithful to us and our mission. He is a living and active God who is worthy of our praise. We are especially grateful to those churches and individuals that have stepped forward to financially support our mission.




Peter & Patricia DeWit, FRANCE

Profile...Peter and Pat have been part of PAOC since 1982. After learning French at L’Université Laval in 1982-83 in the FLITE program, they spent almost ten years church-planting in Quebec. Then, in 1991 they loaded all their belongings into a homemade wooden crate and shipped it off to Bangkok. All five DeWit children have grown up in Thailand, and Bangkok holds the nostalgic ghosts of their childhood memories.
Peter and Pat worked alongside the pastors and leadership of the 
Pray...Pentecostal Assemblies of Thailand, and later with the Newsong and Xealot network. After 22 years in Thailand they are excited about the next destination: France. They will join the Eurasia team of global workers, with a desire to learn, love and serve in the city of Paris. To follow their blog click on the link...http://myglobalview.org/author/pdewit/

1. Pray for our transition to France, for schooling choices and wisdom with all changes for Amanda and Alycia.
2. Pray for the people we are going to meet, that we will live with eyes wide open to catch each moment.
3. Pray for our friends in Bangkok and our Verge@50 family as they take on the leadership of this beautiful group.
4. Pray for continued financial support as we face greater budget challenges that go along with urban ministry in a city of 9,000,000 people! 





Profile... James is the Regional Director for Central America annd the Caribbean.  He has ministered with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada for thirty years. During this time he has served as pastor and church planter in Saskatchewan and as a missionary to the island nation of Seychelles. Presently, they make their home and ministry base in Panama City, Panama.

Colleen is called to ministry and the market place. She has a passion and desire to see women everywhere grow to fulfill their personal destiny. Colleen has had the privilege of sharing the word of God with women around the world.

Their vision for the region of Latin America and Caribbean is to LEAD in a SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL and ECONOMIC Transformation of Nations. They recognize that this visions is far greater than themselves and are depending on God to help engage the task. 

For the latest information please click on the link http://www.lacministries.org/



 Wayne Hilsden - JERUSALEM


Profile... Wayne is senior pastor of King of Kings Community Church in Jerusalem.  He gives leadership and oversight to the King of Kings Ministry team. In addition to preaching regularly in Jerusalem, he travels the world sharing with the nations about the restoration of Israel.  Wayne has been a resident of Jerusalem since 1983.

In the past few years King of Kings Community purchased and renovated Jerusalem's largest movie theater and transformed it into a worship and conference center called the Jerusalem PAVILION. The top floor (14th story) of the same building was purchased and is now the "Jerusalem Pavilion Prayer Tower."

Wayne Hilsden has also served as academic dean of Israel College of the Bible and has helped mentor young Israeli leaders who have subsequently planted Hebrew-speaking congregations in Israel. 

The church's website is at http://www.kkcj.org/



Dan and Donna Davies - LIBERIA

Profile: Dan and Donna have been involved in missions programs for many years.  Recently they felt the call to move to Liberia as full time global workers.  Dan and Donna have a passion for ministry in missions, building capacity in Liberia that will bring the Good News of the Gospel to the lost.

Prayer RequestsDavies

  • Pray for God’s blessing on their lives and ministry as they work to build capacity in LIBERIA;
  • Pray for souls to be saved, believers to be disciples, and new churches to be planted;
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and direction in their ministry and all decision making;
  • Pray for the government and country that peace will prevail;
  • Pray for on-going health and safety in this war recovering country of 80% unemployment and roaming ex-boy soldiers;
  • Pray for God’s blessing on their children and grandchildren in Canada



 David and Eileen Courey - BELGIUM

David & Eileen CoureyProfile:  After almost 30 years of ministry in Canada David and Eileen have felt the call to teach at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels Belgium.

"If you could rebuild the church from scratch... what kind of leader would you be looking for?"  That is what is happening in Europe.  Today Christianity is at its lowest ebb since the Reformation.  In Belgium Evangelicals make up 1% of the population, but that's where the excitement is!  Equipping leaders for the rebirth of the church in Europe and North Africa.



MozambiqueProfile:  Over the past quarter century missionaries like Bill and Linda Mercer, Stephen & Heather Chaloner, Izirlei and Lenilda Guimaraes, Manuel & Agripina Bessa, and others from Canada have been working with the churches in Mozambique, focusing on theological training , pastors seminars, and extension program that provides training at many locations in this large country.  These ministries are now under the direction of national leaders.  Calvary Temple remains in partnership with these national leaders through ongoing support for the Bible School.



Christo and Sarah Emmanuel - INDIA

Profile:  In 2006, Christo and Sarah obeyed the call of God, moved to Chennai, India and planted Living God Church with just a handful of people. Today, they pastor 2 growing churches at more than 350 members and are working towards additional Church plants. The Ministry reaches a broad spectrum of people within the community: from children and youth, educated young adults, poor widows, Hindus, Muslims and many more! Every year more than a thousand Children and Youth are touched through annual camps and VBS that make a huge impact in the community.
Check out their website at http://changinglivesindia.blogspot.com/


Aimee Heyer - ANGOLA

Profile:  I am going to Angola, Africa to work at a missionary run Agricultural Training Centre called Fazenda Tchincombe (Tchincombe Ranch). The focus of the work at Tchincombe is to combat famine and disease through training about crop management, animal husbandry and basic personal healthcare and to use the farm as a point of contact to convey the gospel to the area's largely un-reached people group. The ranch has been in existence for almost 20 years, has a population of more than 250 people and has grown to include a church led by local elders, a school up to grade 4, a health outpost to provide primary health care (incidentally the only one within a three hour drive), and programs that offer internships in carpentry and animal husbandry.

I will be dividing my time between the horse work, teaching a basic English class and work with the children and youth of Tchincombe.



Profile:  John Archer is the Canadian Director of Millennium Relief and Development Services (MRDS).  John grew up in Calvary Temple, and now lives in Fort Langley BC with his wife Laurel and his two children Caleb and Emma.  He is an Associate Global Worker with the PAOC.

Millennium Relief and Development Services has served the poor in various parts of the world for over a decade and is looking forward to continued service to the poor, suffering and disenfranchised through a network of teams dedicated to the people they serve.

In delivering intelligent compassion to those in complex situations, Millennium takes a simple, effective approach to meaningful relief and development.  Theirs is an agile approach that strives to avoid cumbersome bureaucracy, centralized control and costly administration.

More information on MRDS can be found on their website: http://www.mrds.ca/Site/Home.html


Project of Hope Training Centre - Jamaica

Profile:  Over the past few years, Cartland and Mildred Palmer have worked diligently to build and launch a training center in Clarendon, Jamaica. This is the only facility of its kind in this needy region. It is already instrumental in helping the local youth avoid a future with little or no worthwhile skills and the hopelessness and poverty which follows.

In this effort, they are working closely with The Heart Trust (a government sponsored skills funding program), the local District of Churches as well as other community groups and leaders.

Click here to see their web site: http://www.theprojectofhope.com/

Calvary Temple is providing tuition support for needy students.



TambovProfile:  Since the mid 1990's Calvary Temple has been partnering with Pastor Reuben Nazurchuk to bring the message of salvation to the people in Russia.  In October 1988 Reuben was called by God to minister in this city in central Russia that had no evangelical Christian witness.  He traveled to Manitoba to receive his theological training and while he was in Canada he developed a relationship with Calvary Temple.

Reuben and his wife Lyuba now lead a large church in this strategic city as well as numerous daughter churches in the surrounding region.  Calvary Temple encourages them in three areas of ministry:

  • evangelistic outreach
  • ministry to orphans
  • rehabilitation ministry

More information can be found at http://russia-church.com/



Other Cross Cultural Ministry
Calvary Temple is involved with Arab World Ministries right here in Canada, as well as care and ministry for new immigrants here in Winnipeg.  We care for needy men and women through organizations like Union Gospel Mission and Canadian Lifelight Ministries.

Since sending our first missionary in 1908 (Martha Hisey to Liberia) to this day, Calvary Temple has believed the Gospel is for everybody in every part of the world.

There are exciting ways to be involved in Missions at Calvary Temple. You can give financial support, pray for our partners, or serve in volunteer mission’s ministry!




Family Business projects are missions projects that grow from the vision of people in the church.  This could be a short-term missions trip, or could be evangelistic outreach by evangelists who are associated with Calvary Temple.  We refer to these programs as "Family Business".  What differentiates them from Fields of Burden projects is the time frame.  These missions projects involve a specific trip to a missions field, and finish once that trip is completed. 

Each proposal is presented to the Board of Calvary Temple.  The Board reviews each proposal to ensure that the  project is in accordance with the church's missions vision, is well planned, and is likely to be supported by members of the church. Once the project is approved the proponents can bring it before the congregation requesting prayer and financial support.

Recent Family Business projects include:


  • Pastors' seminars and outdoor crusades in Uganda and southern Sudan by Pastors James Okot and Alfred Flett
  • Evangelistic Crusades in Argentina by Alfred Flett
  • Evangelistic Crusades in the Philippines with Alfred Flett and the Amoyos
  • Distribution of food and Bibles in Cuba by Alonso and Rosa Rosales
  • Evangelistic crusade by led by David Rose with missionary Cartland Palmer in Clarendon Jamaica along with a work team led by Jared Clarke at the Project of Hope training centre in Clarendon



Alfred Flett - EVANGELIST

Profile...  Alfred is an international evangelist who has ministered around the world.  In addition to his ongoing ministry among First Nations communities throughout North and South America, Alfred partners with Calvary Temple in conducting crusades and Pastoral Training Seminars around the globe.

Read more about Alfred's ministry at http://web.me.com/alfredflett/Alfred_M_Flett_Ministries/About_Me.html.