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Meet Pastor
Adam Browett

Serving in multicultural churches throughout Western Canada, Adam is an experienced leader, charismatic and sought-after speaker, visionary, and evangelist. It is evident that his heart is about spreading the Gospel and loving on people. He has spoken in schools, universities, retreats, conferences, camps and churches from coast to coast for audiences of all ages.  

Beyond the pulpit, Adam’s actions speak volumes. From leading impactful mission trips, working with local food banks, and pioneering an ESL ministry, to launching a vibrant 55+ ministry, a weekly youth drop-in, inner-city chaplaincy program, and small groups, his work has made a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Behind the scenes, Adam demonstrates exceptional leadership, steering pastoral teams up to 44 staff with integrity and transparency. His ability for identifying and nurturing the strengths of his staff fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence, propelling his team 
to new heights. 

His commitment to building bridges, inclusion, encouraging growth, innovation, 
empowering people, outreach and missions fits the history, heart and future of Calvary Temple.


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